Virtual Riot – Lost It (ft. Pearl Andersson)


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Virtual Riot switches it up for the Still Kids EP, out 10th August via Spirited.

Virtual Riot
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  1. virtual riot, i love your chill and mellow songs, but please dont stop making your hard stuff. I love them.

  2. Virtual Riot making future bass that’s uploaded to UKF _sigh_

    Not saying I dislike future bass, just this isn’t the place I wanted to see it D:

  3. Alright, all you people saying this doesn’t have dubstep in it need to go listen to Virtual Riot’s Throwback album. The last minute or so is classic Virtual Riot melodic dubstep. It’s not just dubstep either, though, it clearly has future bass for 2/3 of the song, so it’s a cool fusion of the two.

  4. The instrumentation is just superb. I can’t express how refreshing it is to hear a sound i haven’t heard before being executed perfectly

  5. This right here is musical genius. I know this is a dubstep channel and stuff but they can post whatever they like. Not only that but while i love dubstep, if your music taste is composed entirely of wubs and nothing else, you dont really listen to music tbh :/ this took years to make, and it deserves the recognition.

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