Oddprophet – Whipped


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Welcoming oddprophet to UKF Dubstep with the merky ‘Whipped’, out 15th May via Black Label…

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NSD: Black Label
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  1. damnnn oddprophet making moves! i still feel ukf should’ve had the Notorious upload tho not DSG

  2. Todos esos que hablan español y son amantes de este tipo de musica se pueden Suscribir a mi canal habra muy buena musica 7u7

  3. Not gonna lie, I used to dislike Black Label as it just didn’t have any songs of my taste, but boi these latest tracks killing it!

  4. Didn’t expect this one…
    Felt like I was playing a game of Metroid to save my life.
    Great sounds…

  5. hi i am whipped they called me whipped cuz its my nickname. ive always been notorious in my life, never changed before. ive had no fun before and thats fine. but they are watching me. the cops. the guys who wants to find me for cheating on the club.

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