Megalodon & Stabby – Lazer Torpedo


Ready the lazer torpedoes; out now on Black Label!
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NSD: Black Label
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  1. You think Eptic & Habstrakt could partner up with Megalodon & Stabby for
    Lazor Torpedo 3000?

  2. do all of you not realize they released this song because they had fun
    making it together and thought a song they made together sounded good to
    both of them, they didn’t make it for yalls pleasure and you look so dumb
    to artists arguing about them being good back in the day and now cause
    honestly they do not care they do this for themselves not stupid ass kids
    on youtube lol y’all are internet washed fucks grow up

  3. I actually really like this. Don’t know why really, it should feel like
    another song from the bunch, but it’s not. And I don’t know why…

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