Franky Nuts – All I Want


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Franky Nuts does it again with All I Want, out now on Circus Records.

Franky Nuts
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Circus Records
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  1. whats that one song that has a heartbeat monitor in the begining and they are saying something like we cant find the virus or source, and stuff like we have no permission or something. a woman sings its. it its dubstep i know for sure. plz help me

  2. Oh my gooooodness, it’s only the beginning of the year, and there are already a lot of great new tracks! Dubstep is back in full swing!

  3. Can I used this track for one mix on my Youtube Channel? It is really amazing… I will credit Franky Nuts of course, i just want to promotion this producer.

  4. This track is pure gold can’t wait for the *UKF 2018 (Album Mix)* and also…

    Who in the UKFuck made the visuals??? Will try to make them too they look amazing!!

    *Read more*

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