How To Make Dubstep Music

How To Make Dubstep

Understanding The Guidelines on How To Make Dubstep Music!

So you want to learn how to make dubstep music? Dubstep is not that hard to make as long as you follow the simple guidelines. Like any other types of music; this style has its own guidelines and rules that you will need to follow. Understanding these rules will help you learn the proper way to make dubstep!

Learning How to Make Dubstep:

I am going to assume that you already know what this genre sounds like and you can easily recognize the sounds. If not, you need to spend some more time listening time it in order to understand the key elements of Dubstep Music. You need understand the different sounds that exist in Dubstep and the overall flow of the beat. Learning the characteristics of the different sounds will help you learn how to make Dubstep with ease!

How to Make Dubstep Rhythm:

You will need comprehend the main characteristics of the rhythm. Dubstep is usually played between the tempo of 138 and 142 beats per minute; typically 140 beats per minute (bpm). Dubstep’s rhythm does not follow the typical electronic music drum pattern. The rhythms are usually slow, choppy and syncopated that involve fast triplets. In order to learn how to make dubstep music the right way; you will need to listen carefully and study the rhythm and the drums.

How to Make Dubstep Bass and Synths:

When you make dubstep music, you will need to understand the importance of the interesting Bass sound called the Wobble Bass. This is the signature sound in any dubstep song. The wobble bass makes the “WUB WUB” sound; it is sometimes really bass heavy, filled with distortion and modulation. The other sounds surrounding the wobble bass are the synths; these other melodic synths exist to give the song its musical identity, and some synths are just there for extra fillers to complete the whole song. Y0u should use free Dubstep loops and samples when you first start, but you will eventually want to create your own bass and synths. to do this, you’ll need to get a hold of some type Music Production Software. DUBTurbo, Reason, Abelton Live, Maschine and FL Studio are some popular music production software’s. In the software, you will want to play with the low frequencies and different parameters such as filters, volume, modulation and distortion.

Understand The Samples:

A lot of the Dubstep music you are going to hear do not have any vocals in them; but most of them have some type of cool samples and sound effects. You will want to incorporate the idea of using cool samples and effects to your songs. This can be any type of sound effects or other cool samples that you can find on the internet or even record yourself. You will want to repeat these samples multiple times through out your song in order to create a catchy memorable pattern.

Understand The Song Structure:

The Dubstep Song Structure usually starts with an intro, a build up and then the bass drop; then followed by a break, then another buildup and then the drop again. After the intro, you usually just repeat the break, build up and the drop with different switch ups throughout the song. The first drop usually comes in at around 50-55 seconds in the beginning the song and then a couple of more times throughout the song. The reason for the late drop is to create some type of anticipation and excitement t0 the listeners. The anticipation and excitement is based on the build ups and breaks in the song. You will need to learn how to build up the song from the beginning because that will determine the impact of the drop! The drop is very important, it’s what makes the dubstep song impressive! You can structure your songs however you want to; you just want to make sure that you include what is important in dubstep music. Your main goal is to keep the listeners entertained!

Getting Creative:

Dubstep has always been focused on being creative, experimenting and breaking the rules to create unique music! But before you can break the rules, you will need to learn and understand the basics of this genre. The whole idea is to create something totally different from what is considered normal dubstep; that’s when you need to get creative and experiment. You will want to sample different things and also remix some of the most popular songs. The more you can surprise and impress the listener, the better your songs will be considered. You can improve your Dubstep production skills by listening to plenty of Dubstep Music. By hearing what these other Dubstep Musicians are making; you can learn and pick up some tricks to add to your own style of production. You must listen to songs that will get you inspired and help you get better overall. The final step is just learning and mastering your dubstep making software and/or hardware of choice. Mastering your software and/or hardware will enable you to improve the quality of your songs.

Choosing Your Beat Making Software:

The most important part of making dubstep is finding the right beat making software. There are plenty of beat making softwares out there, you just have to find what is right for you! If you are just starting to learn, I would recommend a program that’s cost effective and easy to use! You don’t want to spend a lot of money on a program and not be able to use it because its too hard or it requires you to buy other things for it, trust me it happens all the time. The key is to find the right beat making software that will not require any additional purchases and also provide you with the tutorials and guidelines! Remember, it is not what you have, it is how you use it! All beat making software’s do the same thing; so just pick what works for you and master it!