Optimus Prime. Bumblebee. Skrillex. THIS IS HEAVY METAL.

I combined some of my favorite scenes from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (in chronological order; no spoilers) with the badass dance/dubstep/brostep banger Skrillex – First of the Year (Equinox).

This video took me about 8 hours to make over 2 weeks. I had to split and sync each video clip on beat to black to get the jarring, almost blinking effect. Due to the nature of the rendering in Sony Vegas, some parts are noticeably out of sync. It was an arduous process which has taught me a lot about digital film editing. You can see what the Vegas project file looked like at completion at the end of this video.

The actual name of the video is “Optimus Prime Making Love To A Garbage Truck” because that is what this song sounds like.

Holy rusted Transformer Optimus! 1 year ago I made this video for a laugh. A friend posted it to reddit and now… 3 million + views? Endless praise and even good criticism with the occasional professional digital video editing help? You guys are amazing! Thanks everybody for watching and for your feedback. Long live Transformers and long live Skrillex!



  1. oh my god…Aoshi this is the most fucking epic thing i’ve seen and the views!? there fucking crazy!?

  2. Good but u shouldn’t of added all that messing with the video like re-winding and faster warding really fast

  3. говно. видео должно продолжаться, а не туда-сюда кататься, не хватает фантазии тогда не делай.

  4. umm srry but i rlly didnt like it… il like skrileex and trap and dubstep and all but this was just not that good… srry dude but it is good thsat u atleast tried..

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