‘First Of The Year’ By Skrillex ‘A PHAMish Freestyle’ ‘Gung Fu’


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One thing my passion does for me is that it never lets me down, and continues to teach me, build me, break me down, and rebuild me. If there is anything I can turn to at anytime it would be dance because dance has led me to be the individual I am today. It has led me to meet amazing people and it continues to bring growth to me and others as well. The power it holds is just phenomenal, I can’t being to express how thankful and fortunate I am for this gift. Dance has been there ever since I was introduced to it at the age of 10. With all of this said, it made me realize that the dream I’m chasing is the dream I’m living. I’m just continuing to build on this dream of a life time. I live to progress and nothing less….. I Thank You,I Thank Supporters,I Thank Family, and I Thank God! God Bless & Take Care!


  1. gente criticandolo o “dandole consejos” estupidos,si creen poder hacerlo mejor,demuestrenlo,le salio super.

  2. Pero los invito a ver el baile de un usuario llamado Adam Centeno bailando Try it out de Skrillex le salio tan bien que error imposible encontrar jeje

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