Skream – Rutten (Dubstep) [HD]


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No need for an introduction to this tune. amazing.
Skream Dubstep

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  1. This is the first dubstep song I ever heard. I heard it in a music shop in a mall in 2008 and Shazam’ed it. Downloaded the Skream! album, and the rest is history! Not really into dubstep anymore, or at least what it has evolved into, but I still love this classic!

  2. Hands down, one of the best releases Skream ever did. Hell, one of the Dubstep songs from the UK.

  3. comment sections on IDM scene dubstep songs always bitching about the EDM scene and Skrillex :p don’t get me wrong, Skream is a great IDM artist, but when i go to EDM songs i don’t see comments like “hey, that other kind of dubstep is so shit, this is the better dubstep!” no, it’s just the IDM crowd who have so many people with superiority complexes, and elitist commenters using their community as a safe space to flame others in an echo chamber, snickering like “hehe, Skrillex and modern dubstep is shit, it’s not even dubstep, it’s brostep, dopestep, popstep, shitstep, i am so edgy and righteous and better than everyone who listens to EDM”

    first of all, dubstep changed quite a bit from where it started, Skream is by far not proto-dubstep. the genre originally was more 2step garage, with much more dub/reggae influence. so if you don’t like the direction some artists took the genre, well then that’s all fine and dandy, but realize the genre has changed, trends took it over, and it’s unfortunate, but “brostep” didn’t stick.

    at this point, since brostep didn’t actually stick as a term fans and artists these days seriously acknowledge, it’s more of a derogatory term now, like how some post-hardcore punk bands are called screamo. it’s honestly just kinda a dick thing to do and shit on other people’s music like an old man would criticize the next generation’s music

    i realize that you don’t like the confusion of your 2004-2008 dubstep being compared to 2009+ dubstep, and that’s understandable, but hey, i also get confused that a subgenre like Hardcore is applied to 2 different kinds of music, electro dance, and punk, and more confusing than that, hardcore punk is further divided into subgroups like metalcore, post-hardcore, deathcore, grindcore, pornogrind, throwdown, powerviolence, and mathcore.

    i mean, strictly even speaking of electronic based music, there are two different trends of Trap music! they both started at the same time, but have different vibes and directions to them, don’t you think that is fucking confusing? at the very least you can say “old school dubstep” and “new school dubstep,” but as for Trap, we will forever stumble around the confusion between “hardcore gangsta wannabe rap music Trap” and “EDM Trap”

    i can understand that if you’re more a fan of chill shit, IDM style artists, etc, so if you love shit like Skream, Four Tet and Digital Mystikz, have at it mates, jam that shit loud and heavy. but i am just not into that side, not my vibe. i like Skrillex, NERO (before 2015), Feed Me, Zomboy, Bassnectar, GRiZ, Arkasian, SeamlessR, Lindsey Stirling, Alison Wonderland, and Seven Lions, and that’s my vibe right now.

    don’t like any songs by the artists i listed? that is fine, i don’t hold that against you, we just like different styles, and we have the unfortunate confusing scenario where the EDM scene adopted and morphed dubstep like it did trap.

    either way, i don’t look down on IDM, in fact i have a lot of respect for IDM artists sometimes when they put a lot of effort in, but i just never quite got into old school dubstep unfortunately. despite this, i don’t mind checking out this older stuff once in awhile, i do so as reference to changes .

  4. i love this broslap. or is it dickfuck? dubdick? slapfuck maybe? i cant keep up with these retarded genre names. i think its broslapyouandshutthefuckup

  5. yeah i know this the OG pre-mainstream stuff and loyal dubstep fans want to stay loyal to it but it was so much better during 2013/14 then whenever this was.

  6. back in 2005 people who listened to dub wouldnt fight over stupid bs. vex’d were the days lol

  7. Just stay relaxed where the fuuck you at and let this wave of good music hit you and cath that vibe !… …………… Tell me did you feel it !? i know i did it …try to sinnnng it rime on that shiiiiit….

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