Skream – Make Me


Turn up your subs for this
Heavyweight bass.

From the EP “Skreamizm Vol: 3”


  1. Sir, I hate to say, Skream is a pioneer, but he isn’t one of the first producers. Technically, Goldspot Productions, Horsepower Productions, DJ Hatcha, Plastician, and so on are pioneers of this sound. Go check out Wikipedia for more information, and don’t say Wikipedia sucks, it doesn’t.

  2. Who the F is Skrillex????? Oh you mean that commercial Hit 50 bullshit????
    That aint no dubstep!!!!!!! THIS is dubstep, how its supposed to be!!!!!!!

  3. He didn’t develop the style. Your predictions are very incorrect, no offense bro. But, I was wrong about some of those artists. Technically, Dub War, Mr. Oizo, Horsepower Productions (basically HP Productions is Dub War), and the most underground artist, Ratio.

  4. im at 3562 times listen on my itunes … in 2 years this is the song ive listned the most times

  5. @davidmelendez4274 Idiot. Dubstep is a part of Electronic music. So, really, Skrillex = Electronic/ Dubstep.

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