Skream Live @ Sonar 2007


Mary Anne Hobbs Presents Dubstep Showcase Sonar 2007


  1. i feel bad for the security guard. apparently, he isn’t even allowed to bang his head and enjoy the tunes. he just HAS to stand there backwards like a prick.

  2. this is awesome!

    loving this right about now too by Lucian X & NAPT, Skream loves this one, had to share hot!


  3. i can imagina a lot of people must have heard dubstep the first time there, i remember my first time i heard it, was like heaven

  4. Dude…straight up mixing vinyl, without the luxury of a computer. That’s what I call skill. True old school skill.

  5. Absolutely love the white-shirted dude in the audience just skanking to “Wobble That Gut”, gets me every time to see such expression. Amazing tunage 7 years later.

  6. I love this footage, that girl on the front of the stage… beautiful expression face to the music. I would like to experience the dubstep scene at that time. It’s sad because I can’t do a time travel and what only remains are those records that we find here, in the internet! 🙁

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