SKREAM drops massive tunes at his first Vancouver show ever. Best show we have seen in years.

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  1. @MutantCheeseburger no guys like skream, plastician, digital mystikz, kode 9..straight up invented this subgenre of dub, and not many producers ahve been able to come close. especially this new pop “filthy” dub. im down with filth but datsik and excision rnt that great once u really listen to many artists. they arent versitale and dont even have That great of sound. branch out and you shall be rewarded.

  2. @EPIK562 totally agree!
    old school dub is where it’s at. the originals are always the best. All these new kids like excision and datsik… and bassnectar. they only want heavy stuff but that gets old after a while.

  3. @xxAsteriskxx

    Exactly. In my opinion, what it has become today is trash compared to that dark, liquidy sound.
    Don’t get me wrong, stuff today is good, but definitely not better than this.

  4. Agreed I been saying the same thing lately the new mainstream crap there coming out with sucks ass but reality is it’s catering to this new audience that likes different types of sounds/style than us so it appeals to them one dj that is producing sum straight filth is Thierry D from Australia check him out on soundcloud and download his free tunes they are SICK!!! btw anyone know the tune @ 0:03

  5. If you guys wanna hear nothing but filthy womp tunes mixed together check out my soundcloud 7h0r4x420

  6. I have respect for this, although i do prefer the harder stuff. Gotta pay respect to the pioneers!

  7. siiik tune!!!!!

    loving this right about now too by Lucian X & NAPT, Skream loves this one, had to share hot!


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