Skream – Kreepin’


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Skream – Kreepin’ is a really fresh house track from the otherwise dubstep/bass producer.

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  1. not true… your good at hip-hop, blues, soul, jazz, punk, psycadelik rock, ect.. it just depends on your taste, don’t think that we here in the uk and europe don’t have shit music scenes as well. theres fuck loads of trashy shit flying around.. hope that makes you feel better…

  2. So he’s done with dubstep, producing deep house and making a transition into disco? 

    I love it! ;D Skream never fails. 

  3. It’s not like it’s a bad tune or anything, but honestly who cares about this? It’s not exciting or innovative in the slightest and it brings nothing new to a genre that has been around for a long time. All this talk of ‘expanding his creativity’ or whatever he says is just ironic. He’s left a genre that was known for being new and exciting, and moved to one that’s been around for decades. He helped to shape something that was fresh in 2004, and now he’s making stuff that would have sounded old at the same time. If Skream didn’t make this tune, would you care about it?

  4. New Skream isn’t particularly my thing, but the history I have with all his older stuff makes up for his change in direction. People need to change and progress, it gets stale doing the same thing for years and years. That and the fans definitely started losing the passion they had for real music, rather than noise for the sake of noise music. What a great legacy.

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