Skream – I Love The Way [HD] Sound


Sound” upload_time=”2010-09-04T08:00:11.000Z” description=”Skream dubstep drum and bass” duration=”PT5M13S”]

Skream dubstep drum and bass


  1. There’s no such thing as one brand that has ‘best bass’. Stay away from Bose, they are nothing but a good marketing company. What type of system do you want, music? home cinema? If you want good bass extention, you need a good subwoofer. If you have a budget I can help you choose something

  2. Yeah this track will do damage 😉 I hear those Type-Rs are pretty good. The bass-line delves deep but it’s also super haunting, I love it

  3. Ive got goji headfonez now endorsed by tynchy stryder.bette than beats by dre.go 2 currys/pc world u can try out loadz ov headfonez,c which 1’z u lyk best :-)(-:

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