Skream Ft. Sam Frank – Under The City Lights


This was only released in Japan but Skream kindly provided the full version as a free download.

No teasers.
Clean official version.

UPDATE: The link doesn’t work anymore so I can only assume it has been taken off. Sad times but still enjoy the music.


  1. Love this song, it’s my current earwurm. Attempt at transcribing lyrics:
    Tonight my Baby’s going to come to my rescue Under the City Lights Out of
    sight x2 

  2. Everyone thinks I’m a sweet guy, Wouldn’t do harm to a poor fly. I hear
    them laugh at the workplace, On how I might get to first base. I’ll watch
    them leave for the weekend, View all the girls they are seeing. I’ll smile
    even though I am hurtin’, Because one thing in my life is certain: You will
    be waiting alongside… Out the window, come on inside Then you’ll give me
    the best that I can get. Leave me covered in sweat; no regret. 

  3. I’m a loner, live on my owner I’m a drinker, I’m a stoner, And whoever
    comes through my front door Gets a look at my gun barrel once more. Genuine
    relief is lacking (I won’t even, without legal backing) Since the screen is
    a poor substitution, Work all day to pay for my solution. I’m guilty, I’m
    aware. When I’m hungry I cease to care. Going to court, blowing lights.
    Don’t stop, ‘cuz it feels so nice.

  4. i think this song talks about a guy who has mental problems because he is a
    loner but he thinks someone will come in the city lights or something xD i

  5. trust me, this probably has some meaning, but nothing too deep. Sooo many
    artists talk about how they hate when people try to analyze their shit like
    it means something. Esp rap artists and electronic artists.

  6. Can anyone fill in the parentheses? I think I got most of what he said:
    I’m a loner live on my own-er.
    I’m a drinker, I’m a stoner.
    Girls never come through my front door.
    Guess I don’t look like (???)
    Genuine relief is a lacking.
    I relieve it without legal backing.
    Since (sunscreen) is a poor substitution,
    (???) to pay for my solution.
    (I’m guilty), I’m a waiter
    When I’m hungry I cease to cater.
    (More on (??), more on rice.)
    Don’t stop ’cause it feels so nice.

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