La Roux – In For The Kill (Skream Dubstep Remix HQ)


La Roux In For The Kill Skream DUBSTEP Remix HQ


  1. @roger20hot u gays always think its about you ehh. shut the fuck upp and go get married noone gives a fuck about you. stop looking for attention.
    its just like black people dragging out racism, nothing will change if the people that were being affected dont SHUT THE FUCK UP. Bigots bring Bigotry.

  2. @TheSoccerRobo thats a pretty pretentious thing to say. i would way rather have this shit bumpin at clubs instead of shitty jersey shore music. thats also like a big fuck you to the artists who are trying to make it somewhere with this music.

  3. @ienjoypaninis Thanks for that one. With the way ppl STEAL this music anyways…. they all the help they can get.

  4. this is the only song where i can say ” ITZ MY FAVOURITE SONG ” i love this voice and the WUMM WUMM so awesome 😀

  5. a lil selfish look on music. but i feel you kinda lol. but dubstep in inevitable. plus house techno trance and all that is the shit is the best music just not looked at as well in the us but in europe so much good music. people in the us judge things to much

  6. anybody that says “owned” when having a debate about dubstep is a prepubescent fag imo. like other ppl have stated, the skrillex remix is a completely different take, not only that, it was released 2 years later than skreams. skream is capable of more technical stuff, u only gotta listen to what magnetic man has put out both prior to i need air and afterwards

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