Rusko – Somebody To Love (Sigma Remix)


Sigma’s remix of Somebody To Love by Rusko.
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New album “Songs” to be released March 26 (UK) / March 27 (US)
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  1. I love this moment when the song is going in that madly fast beat. Amazing. And the beginning drives me wild. I loved once, don’t look for second. The Problem is if u loved really, u can’t love again.

  2. Thumbs up if your still listening in 2017 – Had some of my best raving days listening to this being dropped a few years back!!

  3. Are the new forza horizon games as good as the first? Been too scared to play them in case i ruin the forza horizon legend.

  4. The best remix of Drum and Bass. Lots of wonderful moments. I want to go back and stop time and people. Memories will remain forever. With this song I met my old love, I played basketball with the best friend with whom I’m now disgraced.

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