Rusko – Hold On (feat. Amber Coffman) (Sub Focus Remix)


Rusko – Hold On (feat. Amber Coffman) (Sub Focus Remix) (Disk- O.M.G.) (Label- Mad Decent)

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  1. I love the vocals so much, although I have to admit that the drop is sick
    I’d rather have a clean melodic version of this song with more of these
    vocals cuz I am really diggin them!

  2. In my opinion the intro and the outro are great, but for me these weird
    noises in the middle of the song are making this song worse. Don’t get me
    wrong, every person can heard what they want to, but i don’t like this song
    because of this strange beat in the middle, kinda dubstep like, otherwise i
    would love this song.

  3. I listen to pop from this year and I get in my feels, but when I listen to
    this I just smile cuz this is the shit that got me into edm

  4. A song I’ll never get bored of. Saw Rusko open for nero in New Zealand a
    few years back, pretty epic but this remix beats the fuck out of the
    original…. Sub Focus the master of that perfect bass eb and flow, great
    build ups and punchy drops where the bass just seems to carry me away so

  5. out of the almost hundred shows ive been to, his was the worst. Music was
    great, but he had some dumbass MC rapping over the music. killed the
    crowd’s mood.

  6. This song is giving me a eargasm and i feel like i can headbang my head so
    hard my brains become mush and my hair flying all over the place

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