Rusko – Cockney Thug (Caspa Remix)


Another sick tune by the dynamic duo. Vocal word by Alan Ford.THIS IS NOT A SOUND CLIP FROM THE MOVIE SNATCH! The sound clip is from Armando Iannucci East End Thug Deathbed Message! For entertainment only. I DO NOT own copyright.


  1. One of the reasons why I love the holy bass. It is something special with the old school. 

    Proper things.

  2. “…you know im the dopest ghost in town..the bitches all love me cause im fuckin caspa..hhaha..fuckin shit” always loved caspa

  3. Lol at all these new gen dubstep band wagon jumping cunts saying “dubstep like this doesn’t exist anymore”. You’ve not been listening since Skream, Loefah, MRK1 and Digital Mystikz started, so shut the fuck up about what does and doesn’t exist. Stupid cunts.

  4. This sentence could go both ways:
    “The bitches all love me ’cause I’m, fucking, Caspa.”
    “The bitches all love me ’cause I’m fucking Caspa.”
    The power of commas.  🙂

  5. what’s that one that goes
    wub wub wu-wu-wu wub, wu-wu werr wu-wu wu-wu wu-wu//
    wub wub wu-wu-wu wub, wu-wu werr wu-wu wu-wu wu-wu ??
    same vintage I think!

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