Caspa & Rusko- Forever


Le meilleur de la Dubstep et Drum&Bass sur PulsationDnb PulsationDubstep :


  1. right so brostep is what you’re looking for… in your stupid little fucking mind dubstep means wobwobwobwobwobwobwob blaaaaauurgghhh wubwubwubwubwub so go and fucking listen to that and if you come across real dubstep don’t even bother commenting cause you won’t ever understand

  2. at 1:00 ‘its gonna drop its gonna drop..’ at 2:00 ‘wtf?!’ at 5:00 ‘this is not a good tune!’

  3. this song fuck my soul so hard..,.. if i hear this all the times i think what i lose in my life and must cry but after i hear it again and smoke some weed and never give up

  4. Forget about generes.. it either appeals to you or not. It often seems that people who dont like a particular tune start trying to label it as not fitting their idea of how a drumloop etc should be to fit into their favourite category :-

  5. Anyone knows where the vocal sample comes from? It sounds like Barrington Levy, but I can’t point out which song it is.

  6. My heart and all my good feelings are dancing while I’m listening this tune ! Can’t understand these views..

  7. Yaaaaaaaaaaaahw! Barrington sample & a super frish-fresh beat!!
    Me had heard this on an oooold Caspa & Rusko album & I’m super down.
    Thanks, Pulsation Dubstep. Big Ups from Northern California 🙂

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