Modestep – Exile | DANCING TO DUBSTEP | MrDanteStylez


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song: exile


  1. Dude your moves at 0:52 as an off beat double arm motion is soooo sick i hope you dont mind if i add that in some of my vids!

  2. haha i mean of course i don’t mind ! you can use any moves. i don’t own my moves, anyone can use them

  3. You are amazing!! I know this might sound dumb, but when dancing this style is it something that is choreographed or is most of this style freestyle?

  4. i really enjoy all your videos; im watching one after another! hahaha. how did you learn? by yourself, or were you taught? i’ve always been interested in this type of dance, and im a biiiiiig fan of dubstep. #flippride

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