M.I.A. – Internet Connection (Flux Pavilion Remix)



Flux Pavilion’s remix of Internet Connection by M.I.A. – which you can download for free from the link above.

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  1. I remember when this first dropped and there were people on here whining
    this wasn’t dubstep haha. It was a little different for the time though eh?
    The beginning sure doesn’t sound like dubstep and even the main beat’s a
    bit straighter than the usual shuffling hi hats that used to always be the
    norm so I can see why, even if I don’t agree. :P

  2. Been a fan of this remix since it came out. Doesn’t feel like its been
    nearly 5 years tho…and i’ve been listening to UKF way before this. I feel
    old, damn

  3. ahhhh one of my favs! still in my playlist, even after 5 years and 450
    other songs in it….dubstep 2011 still rules!

  4. Oh how I wish I knew about the existence of Dubstep back in 2010/2011.
    Would’ve been great to have experienced it in its heyday.

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