Flux Pavilion – Got 2 Know


More disgusting dancefloor insanity from Flux and the Circus camp!
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  1. I dont care what peaple say i still licke it couse the beat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😳🔫 😢🔫 😝🔪

  2. I can’t go any further than this, because listening to these epic, nostalgic tunes make me feel >that feel again.

  3. I still remember the moment that i heard dubstep for the first time. It was this track.. I was shocked and amazed by it’s out-of-the-box sound. For me it was a big trigger in my interest for (electonic) music

  4. came here again because of Xaebor’s recent remix… and this tune is still a fcking banger smasher, i cant believe these talking synths 0:42 , flux u god

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