Chapel Club – All The Eastern Girls (Flux Pavilion Remix)


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Flux Pavilion is back with his massive remix of All The Eastern Girls – Available to buy next week from all good digital download stores!

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  1. Dear god this makes my ear pussies cum as if they’ve just been double penitrated, after 12 hours of foreplay and some serioussss hardcore 808 bassfuckingggggg. Gimme your dubstep dick Flux, give it to me hard n whatever you do, DON’T EVER FUCKING STOPPPPPP! You know how I like it papi 😉 <3

  2. Filthier than taking a naked bath with your redneck sister in your mixed explosive diarrhea, the innards of the nice old lady down the street, and the blood of 1000 orphans.

  3. Usually when i find an EDMN remix i look up the parent song it derived from. Usually to find both attractive to the ear, however… In this case, the parent song is weak AF and this mix up is tight as tits!

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