FuntCase And Cookie Monsta – Adrenaline (Ft. Doctor P)


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FuntCase and Cookie Monsta – Adrenaline (Ft. Doctor P) is out now as part of ‘Let’s Do It’ on Circus Records.

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  1. 3 dope artists… yess, more need to try this..
    Vanic, Stephen Swartz, and Skrux… would honestly be amazing.. bring it

  2. omggg i cant wait to see these guys live this year at wobbleland <33333 im so fuckin stoked!!!!!!!!!!! brings back memories

  3. Three years already? Wow. I remember when they first posted this. Good times tho. I miss ’em. Always love hearing from this legendary trio!

  4. I’m curious to know how Funtcase and everyone else managed to collab on this. Did Funtcase switch DAWs or did everyone involved just use Reason/ReWire?

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