Ed Sheeran – Drunk (Doctor P Remix)


Pre-order this track on iTunes – – Doctor P’s remix of Ed Sheeran’s new single ‘Drunk’ – Out 26th February.
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  1. If you listen carefully at 1:02 you can hear someone in the background say “FUUUUUUUUCK YOU” and that’s not the only part…but…but why?

  2. The beat dropped harder than my grades…

    When the beat dropped, it sounded like a person or a cow dying… im sorry, but the melody before the drop was great, had an eargasm

  3. This song was so ahead of its time. People hate on it for being super out there, and completely off the deep end, but, while being a little rough around the edges, is SO CLOSE to what the heavy dubstep theme is listening to now. I fucking hated this song in 2012 but now I think it’s a sleeper track.

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