Oldskool Dubstep – Vinyl Mix 2015 |HD|


For the deep bass heads. Back to the real Dubstep. It’s a London ting.
1. Scuba – Dream 0:00
2. Rob Sparx – The Prayer (Distance remix) 4:21
3. Breakage – Untitled 7:04
4. Hijak – Dally 11:10
5. Skream – Colourful 14:34
6. Atki2 – Douceur 17:40
7. Hatcha & Kromestar – Cybertron 21:27
8. Juju – Tribute 24:39
9. Skream – Deep Concentration 28:23
10. Cyrus & Distance – Violate 31:34
11. Coki – Bass 35:18
12. Benga – Middle Man 38:29
13. Skream – Backwards 40:17
14. Headhunter – Drop The Waste 44:07
15. Intex Systems – Titan (Scuba remix) 47:17
16. Benga – 26 Basslines 51:21
17. Coki – Hidden Treasure 55:54
18. Benga – Twisted 58:44
19. Hybrid – Friction 1:03:22
20. – white label – ?? 1:06:04
21. Hijak – Babylon Timewarp 1:09:35
22. Coki – Mad Head 1:13:06
23. Benga – Wobblers 1:16:41
24. Daleduro – Heavy Shit 1:18:58
25. High Plains Drifter – Sholay (Epic mix) 1:21:27
26. Benga – Flame 1:25:03
27. South3rn – Luddite’s Dub 1:28:39

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thought it was time to record a mix with all the old dubstep vinyls ive had for years! 🙂

“old skool dubstep” sounds a bit odd to me too, but all these tunes are 10-15 years old now!! and i dont want to cause any confusion by letting people think there might be some of that newer brostep shit in here 😛

rizla ready, bass up, haze on. enjoy 🙂


  1. I remember saying to a friend that I listened to dubstep, meaning Skrillex. He pulled out a Skream record, and my view just changed. I can’t listen to Skrillex any more.

  2. everyone is like “THIS IS REAL DUBSTEP, FUCK THAT NEW STUFF” and yada yada. you people are just as ignorant as the “mainstreamers”. the new stuff isnt dubstep, and i mean at a technical level, it isnt dubstep and have nothing to do with dubstep. its only mainstream idiots who dont know the genre names. what you most likely say is shit is called Electro Dubstep, and its not dubstep yea sure, thats why its called “Electro Dubstep” you fucking idiots. it whould be like calling all multiplayers FPS games “Doom”, just because it was the first fps with multiplayer, you dont do that do you? so stop generalizing and use the proper names.

  3. crazy how reggae went from the balmy island of Jamaica to the cloudy dark dregs of London. completely and perfectly subverted the genre without at all disrespecting it, quite the opposite in fact. jaaaaaaaaah man…

  4. What is this shit? where are the growls and fast drops? I hate this shit. DJ Snake is the true dubstep god for me. Like woah

  5. I would like to formally apologise for thinking Brostep is Dubstep all these years until now. This is good shit. Jesus.

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