Dubstep RobotBoys (Dubstepic)


You can find these awesome guys here:

Must see!!

Datsik – Jenova Project
Vaski – Hurricane
Kill Everybody (Bare Noize remix)
Benga – Crunked up


  1. im saying the fact that in the beginning its more robotic then dub step
    just at the beginning they are good dancers but again early in the first
    dance they actuly moved like a robot it was more robotic at that time then
    like dubstep im sorry i made u diffuculted

  2. Dubstep is not a way to move, it’s a music genre while robotic is a way to
    dance but not a genre.

  3. Genres are not concrete things, they shift and overlap, I would call this
    dubstep, but it is certainly very industrial (which I think is what Lego
    kid means by robotic) and fairly cinematic. Theres no need to insult
    someone for stating their opinion.

  4. Jenova Project by DatsiK, then Hurricane by Vaski, then the Bare Noize
    remix of Kill Everybody, then Crunked Up by Benga. Next time you post a
    comment like this, learn how to click the “show more” button so someone
    doesn’t have to answer your stupid question.

  5. extraordinaire 😮 tout simplement majestueux il se cache un boulot
    monstrueux dérriére et je ses de quoi je parle° ° O

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