Dubstep – A Beginner’s Guide – Skream & Benga Full Interview (Part 1)


Skream & Benga Full Interview (Part 1) – from ‘Dubstep – A Beginner’s Guide’. Filmed early 2008.


  1. Chase and status, krooked and camo… lol it’s always these ___ and ___ … Not that’s it’s a bad thing… Actually I really like both.

  2. I am searching for the roots of this genre and I want to check out the music of all artists metioned by them. So: Horsepower productions, Kode 9, Artwork and then I didn’t understand, Ketcha? or something like that, cause I searched for this name and couldn’t find him, could somebody help, please.

  3. Does anyone know where I can find/buy a HQ version of Crack Bong (Loefah Remix). Its an absolute banger but I can find it anywhere? Cheers

  4. man theres so many to choose from try: distance, mala, coki, district,loefah, dj madd, lx one, sp:mc, jkenzo

  5. I honestly don’t know what to think or say about dubstep. I mostly like the nowaday kind, but I enjoy “true” dubstep too. I would like to think that brostep, drumstep, even Chillstep all fits into the category of dubstep, but..I’m not sure anymore…all I can say is I respect the old and the new, and enjoy both. Hope the conflict of definition would calm down though, people get so mad about it (not these guys)

  6. I just wish skream and benga could get way more recognition in the states and really anywhere because you barely get to here about these guys anymore and these guys are freaking awesome. Thank u skream and benga for for forming dubstep into what it is now

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