Dubfiles – Dubstep Documentary (2008)


First dubstep documentry which takes a look inside the world of dubstep’s most prolific DJ’s, MC’s, and producers. Come with us as we show you some detailed and personal interviews with the scenes top players. Finding out their likes, dislikes, roots, influences and production tips.


Caspa, Quietstorm, Benga, Skream, Slaughter Mob, Distance, Joe Nice,
Search and Destroy, N-Type, D1, Rusko, Hatcha, Crazy D and Pinch.


  1. I’m 14 and I’ve been messing with tunes for about 4 years now. I started
    making dubstep when I was 11 and sucked all the way until 13. My tunes now
    are something that I can feel proud of but I still need that advise. I live
    in America so the roots like N Type, D1, Coki, ect. are not really big over
    here. So I never really get advice from artists who rock the same genre I
    do. But let me stop rambling. I just want to thank these artists for giving
    up their time to speak and give tips on the genre.

  2. POSSIBLE TRACKLIST HERE: 1. Caspa – Big Headed Slags 2. D1 – Dubstep Warz
    3. Distance – Mount Zion (Remix) 4. Quietstorm – Tribute 10 5. Search and
    Destroy – Deepest Fear 6. Pinch – Airlock 7. Benga – Roller 8. Rusko – Get
    Your Cock Out 9. N-Type – Tred

  3. some of them are big anymore really or am i wrong? checking discogs, no now
    releases like before for rusko, caspa, benga, skream etc… what happend…

  4. The Dubstep Song, and remixes make me dance, like the famous ” NONSTOP”
    Marquese scott, it’s like a reggae, please try Reggae ‘n Dub, you will love
    it, the dubstep is a part of soul & r’nb
    it is hot !!!!!

  5. The number of times i’ve heard “Y’know what i’m sayin” “y’know what i mean”
    throughout each of these interviews lol has to be atleast over 9000 

  6. please sub this
    i can get pretty much all these guys are saying but skream wtf man i can’t
    really understand shit of how he’s talking lol so much respect though

  7. Very nice documentary ! Especially the last bit by Distance , wise words
    from a wise man who shouldn’t be disconsidered ! Very inspirational !

  8. It’s crazy how much Dubstep and even EDM has changed… Only in the past
    year… And in the last 6 years…

  9. desperetly needed subtitles for skreams interview. c’mon producer you
    dropped the ball nobody understands that shit

  10. dubstep used to bee cool untill got popular in US, just around the time
    this docu was out… big up to all original dubstep heads around

  11. Don’t tell me this is a 2008 documentary. Looks like it was filmed in the
    late 90’s / VERY early 2000’s.

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