Benga – To Hell And Back


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Benga – To Hell and Back is out now on Sony.


  1. While i’m in hell, i’d be erotically fucking Satan nice & hard, right in his big round fiery butt rhythmically to the instrument playing at 0:13 in nearly the beginning of the song known to people who work in orchestras as the Timpani & after satan’s anus is filled with my semen, he kicks me out of hell, so i can continue murdering people (most specifically my enemies who drive me mad whenever i confront them as an act of sweet & swell revenge) and get away with it.
    but if someone would have the nerves to kill me for commiting those crimes & send me back to hell, i’ll just drive satan insane by giving him seconds of aforementioned ass pounding.

  2. Benga’s old style is dank I will always respect the roots, but I also appreciate that Benga can totally make the “mainstream Dubstep” wayyyy better than these fucks on the hype.
    This one and Midnight go HARDDDDD

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