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Dubstep SongsDubstep songs are celebrated around the globe for its electronic beat, forceful bass lines, and often-instrumental features. When the revolution began, not many clubs or producers embraced the music. Today, venues all over the world regard this genre as an evolutionary form of music. Although dubstep has branched out into other forms, this style of music can be characterized into several categories, some of which are included below.

The first kind of dubstep songs are normal dubstep, which includes syncopated rhythms, dissonant harmonies, and frequent use of a minor key, often creating a dark tone. The normal style was the first form of dubstep to originate, and it began from the talent of great musicians like Skream, Benga, Rusko, Skillrex and Nero. Since the time of its beginning, other musicians have joined the ranks in regarding normal dubstep as the original form of the genre.

Brostep is the most recent form of dubstep, branching from the traditional normal style and transforming into a more aggressive form of the music. While traditional dubstep emphasizes sub-bass content and more rhythmic bass lines, brostep underlines the mid-range sounds and often foregoes heavy bass tones. Arguably, some say brostep cannot be considered a form of dubstep, since normal dubstep is all about the bass line and brostep takes a back seat in this category, but it still remains a form of dubstep songs according to music experts.

Post-dubstep is another category of dubstep. Post-dubstep includes combining the elements of dubstep with other musical features like broken dubstep beats and a funky rhythm. Some critics consider post-dubstep to be a “filthy” version of the traditional style because it tends to be less creative and emphasizes the mainstream music industry. All these different styles of dubstep are featured on this site. Feel free to browse around and listen to all of our dubstep songs!

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