‘DUBSTEP FINGERS’ | Finger Tutting Hand Dance | PNUT | Skrillex Kill Everybody


Conceptual Dubstep song with Pnut’s unique Finger Dance ( Finger Tuts).

Inspired projects from this video:

– Finger Tutting has recently inspired a new television show called “The Magicians” on the SyFy network that features wizards making magic movements with their hands and fingers. (2016)

– Taylor Swift Featured Finger Tutting dance styles in her music video “Shake it Off” (2014)


First Song: Knock em dead (johnny roccer remix)
Second song: Skrillex – Kill Everybody.


  1. I don’t we why this is hard, for me its easy. Well, probably because I’m double jointed in the fingers makes it seasy for me.

  2. to me he looks like Coryxkinchen
    sorry if I speelled his name wrong! I can’t spell his name right The Samaria brotha! idk why 😂

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