Dads Pull Out Surprise Dubstep Dance For Christmas


Amateur dad dance crew, The Christmas Jumpers, get down to a remix of Dance Of the Sugar Plum Fairy.
Download the full track for free –

The Christmas jumpers the crew are sporting are from Tu at Sainsbury’s. Find out where you can get one here –


  1. This video is awesome! Is there any way to get in contact with The
    Christmas Jumpers?? Do they have their own website?

  2. These guys are hysterical and I want to meet a couple of them, Wow talk
    about agility! WOOF! lol

  3. The dude in the striped jumper is one of the two dancers in the music video
    for Time by Jungle.

  4. This is obviously a TV set, dressed to look like a cheap local talent show,
    and those are professional dancers, probably made to look older than they
    are with fat padding etc… I’m not buying what they are selling. Bad fake.

  5. Now they’re old men grooving and got to the semi finals of britians got
    talent , love them very very much

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