Birds Singing And Dancing To Dubstep Compilation


The funniest birds singing dubstep and dancing to dubstep.

Videos in this compilation:
1. The Dancing Bird Rocking
2. Dubstep Parrot
3. Dancing & Beatboxing Bird
4. Cockatiel dubstep dance
5. Parrot moving to some dubstep
6. Beatboxing Bird / Puku beat boxing
7. My bird dancing to dubstep
8. Funny Bird dancing to dubstep


  1. the one ACTUALLY beatboxing, keeping the beak (pun intended) and scratching on the bed 2:07 either isn’t in your list, or isn’t on youtube anymore

  2. Lovely videos, but to the person with their Cockatiel on a kitchen surface near the stove and knives, that’s really unsafe., Make sure to keep them away from anything potentially dangerous.

  3. i had a friend
    but then i started hate her
    because of what she said
    “eagles dont deserve to live they are bad animals if you find one then kill it”
    then i saw how much logic she was

  4. I’ve seen so many cute videos of birds dancing to music. I wonder why birds are so affected by music, but dogs and cats are not? Dogs have such good hearing, how come they don’t start dancing when they hear music?

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