Bass Down Low (Dubstep Dance)


Music: The Cataracs – Bass Down Low (feat. Dev) (Proper Villains Remix)


  1. I figured it out. Dancing to dubstep consists of 1) Robot moves 2)Making
    the robot moves hit imaginary floating piano keys. 3)Being called out
    4)Crying in bed 

  2. Love the menacing shadow dance behind him. Well done. Excellent musicality
    as well; but love the drama. 

  3. Jay, please do me a favor and stop dancing if this epileptic seizure can
    even be called dancing. I am sorry, but neither do you utilize the space
    around you, nor do you utilize every sinlge part of your body. Legs are
    static 90% of the time. Besides, the tape has been most definitely speed

  4. I disagree. Only thing I saw wrong, since he’s probably still improving, is
    he loses his neck. I think I only seen his neck once, maybe twice in this.
    Don’t tuck it and keep improving bro. 

  5. long time follower… this is your technical best and freshest work…
    untainted by fame…

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