Skrillex Dubstep

Skrillex-DubstepSkrillex is one of the most prominent names in the Dubstep world of music. The 24 year old music producer was born as Sonny John Moore and was raised at Northeast LA in California. Skrillex Dubstep style has been dubbed as a little different from conventional electro house and metalcore forms of music. A section of dubstep enthusiasts and fans of Skrillex defines his style as brostep. Although the first Skrillex dubstep songs were made available for free download by Sonny himself through his MySpace profile, it quickly grabbed the music lovers and he was adjudged as a new face of the genre.

While the Skrillex dubstep effect can be gauged since his days with the post hardcore band From First to Last; it was not until he went on to have a solo career that his unique style gained a larger audience and popularity.

Skrillex had since then formed his own line-up with two bands to take Skrillex dubstep production to newer heights. In 2008, the Skrillex dubstep line-up went on tour and performed all around North America as a part of the AP Tour. Skrillex eventually went on to be featured on the ‘100 Bands You Need To Know’ feature of Alternative Press Magazine.

The Skrillex dubstep sound has already found worthwhile recognition when in 2012 Sonny was nominated for five Grammy awards including Best New Artist, Best Dance Recording, Best Dance/Electronica Album, Best Remixed Recording (Non Classical) and Best Short Form Music Video. Skrillex went on to win three out of the five Grammy awards. Skrillex has been continually experimenting with his style and genre. He is also one of the rare dubstep performers who produce music along with on stage drums, guitars and keyboards. Presently, Skrillex is gearing up for his upcoming Studio album!

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