Skream Dubstep

Skream-DubstepTalk about Skream Dubstep and you will be referring to music genre that closely relates to rock music. Born Oliver Dene Jones, on the first day of June in 1986, in his teen years, Skream was well vast with music (the Dubstep genre), while working at Big Apple Records. His love for this electro genre of music and the amount of time spent in the studio doing tracks on it later would make his fans call him Skream Dubstep. Aside from Big Apple Records, Skream has done productions with Tectonic and other record labels.

During his work as a radio presenter, he had good exposure and used it to reach his audience spreading the Dubstep music phenomenon, which spread to the east in Asia and west to America. This is all thanks to his ability to add his own element giving a definitive touch to what was Dubstep music at that time. He accomplished all of that before he turned 20 years of age, becoming the now known Skream Dubstep.

Although taken as an underground music genre, Skream’s touch on it and his productions have taken it mainstream. The Skream Dubstep tunes still hold the richness of a heavy bass and a sound that is the darkish United Kingdom garage tune. People refer to Skream Dubstep as a DJ Whizz who takes Dubstep music to higher levels while others call him the master of Dubstep music.

Whichever way one views Jones, he is a young maestro of this genre. When on the music turntables, Skream Dubstep has warmed the hearts of many Dubstep music enthusiasts in the UK and around the world. Since early 2006, Dene Jones arose both as a producer and as DJ of Dubstep music, producing and releasing his hit album “Skream” that same year, which now is rated as a Dubstep Classic.

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