Nero Dubstep

Nero-DubstepNero is a Dubstep duo based out of the United Kingdom that has been making a mark on the world of dubstep since 2004.  Nero Dubstep is made up of Daniel and Joe, who met one another at the age of 15.  Both young men had a very serious interest in music and would spend their free time creating electronic music on their home computers.  When they were 17 they began to work together and Nero Dubstep was born.

Nero’s impact on the world of dubstep was felt almost immediately when their first single was released.  Though it wouldn’t be until 2011 that Nero Dubstep released an official album, the singles and collaborations that they worked on made them a household name for young people who are interested in the world of house music.  Waiting to become more popular through singles before releasing a studio album proved to be a prudent choice, as Nero’s first studio release quickly climbed the charts and garnered them a gold record.

The most significant contribution that Nero Dubstep has made to the music world is the blending of traditional and modern music styles.  They have worked extensively with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra to create a kind of music that would appeal to people across the generational divide.  It is for this reason that Nero Dubstep has seen a popularity that is unfounded in the world of Dubstep.

Their innovative style has made Nero Dubstep one of the most popular dubstep groups in the world.  Daniel and Joe have proven that, while the music they make is created nearly entirely with electronics, they have enough musical wherewithal to create songs that can impact old and young alike.  If they continue with their blend of classic and electronic styles, they are sure to be able to bridge the gap between people who love dubstep and those who would prefer a more traditional kind of music.

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