Modestep Dubstep

Modestep-DubstepModestep is a dubstep crossover band that formed in London, England in 2010. Their first single, “Feel Good”, was released in 2011 and since then they have been revolutionizing the genre of dubstep. Modestep dubstep is produced by four artists. Originally, the band was formed by Tony (production, turntables, guitar) and Josh Friend (production, vocals, keyboards) along with roommate Matthew Curtis (drums, percussion), but Nick Tsang (guitar) was later added to the group. The term “Modestep Dubstep” has become synonymous with their work.

In producing their music, Modestep prefers to incorporate different types of sounds. They seldom shy away from bass-heavy music but tend to incorporate it with more electronic sounds. Modestep dubstep is unique in that it combines progressive electronica with dubstep music. Their initial tracks began by blending dubstep beats with soulful vocals. However, as their career progressed, Modestep has begun to integrate rock elements as well.

Modestep dubstep has made many contributions to this genre of music. Not only has their revolutionary style put dubstep on the map in London, but it has also sparked interest in countries around the world. Modestep dubstep has inspired dubstep groups to experiment with new sound components. Overall, their contributions to dubstep have revolutionized the way that this genre is defined and have broadened the scope of what is considered “dubstep”.

Modestep dubstep sounds are ever-changing and the effect of their music has been felt around the world. With new songs such as “To the Stars” and “Show Me a Sign”, Modestep has continuously added new beats and sounds to their music. Their groundbreaking albums and eclectic sounds have completely changed the face of dubstep and have given them status as one of the top dubstep bands in the world today.

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