Flux Pavilion Dubstep

Flux-Pavilion-DubstepJoshua Steele, better known as Flux Pavilion, has recently made his mark in the dubstep scene, and indeed, the music industry as a whole. Along with Doctor P, DJ Swan-E and Earl Faconer, Flux Pavilion co-founded Circus Records, which has become the premier dubstep recording company in the UK. The Flux Pavilion Dubstep sound is the main factor for Flux Pavilion’s emerging popularity, as his ability to mix and blend sounds is like no other. Flux Pavilion dubstep effect can make your body move and groove as if possessed from within.

Some of the most popular Flux Pavilion dubstep productions include “Bass Cannon”, “Super Bad”, which was produced with Circus Record’s co-founder Doctor P, and “Daydreamer”, featuring Example. The innovation and ear-pleasing sound of Circus Records and Flux Pavilion has contributed to the widespread acceptance and popularity of the dubstep genre in the United Kingdom, and in the world in general!

One other reason for Flux Pavilions popularity is due to the sampling of his song “I Can’t Stop” in Jay Z and Kanye West’s album “Watch the Throne”. “I Can’t Stop” was also featured in the “Kony 2012” viral video which helped the Flux Pavilion dubstep sound to reach an enormous new audience. Flux Pavilion dubstep songs are now recognized by people around the world.

Another acclamation of the Flux Pavilion dubstep sound came in the form of a BBC recognition, when it nominated Flux Pavilion for the BBC’s sound of 2012 poll. This nomination demonstrates the contributions that Flux Pavilion has made to the world of dubstep. It indicates a tremendous popularity and interest in dubstep, in addition to a never before seen acceptance of the dubstep genre as having artistic value.

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Check out the best Flux Pavilion Dubstep Songs below!

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