What is Dubstep


A Dubstep Introduction: What is Dubstep?

What is Dubstep? In 1998, South London was the first to release Dubstep music. It is a musical genre with a dancing beat filled with drum patterns, incredible bass lines and occasional vocals. The music today is different than when it first began. When it was first released, it was very experimental and was mostly dub mixes which tried to imitate break beat. It wasn’t until 2002 that Dubstep began to be used as a term for a genre of music. What is Dubstep? It is a genre of music which has grown significantly in popularity since its inception.

In 2005, Dubstep began to grow from the small, local groups of followers into more mainstream crowds. Again, the answer to “What is Dubstep” began to change. Websites began to appear featuring the Dubstep beat as well as many of the popular songs. Often, local artists would be featured. More and more people were learning about this fascinating type of music and people around the world were now getting their first listen to it. Music magazines also began to cover this type of music. It was steadily growing in popularity, although certainly not all appreciated the different musical sound.

What is Dubstep now? There are certain traits to the Dubstep beat which have been present to one degree or another since the beginning. The bass drops were very prominent in early Dubstep music, and is still used today. The bass usually drops about 55 seconds into the song. Rewinds or reloads are still used in Dubstep, and were also popular at the beginning. Of course, no Dubstep music would be without the wobble effect. Snoop Dog and Britney Spears incorporated some of the genre mixed with pop into several of their songs. What is Dubstep? It is a genre being appreciated and used by more and more musicians.

Although American artists are picking up the Dubstep beat, the sound is still more popular in the UK. Magnetic Man created “I Need Air” which made it to number 10 in the charts. In the US, “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” by Skrillex was well received. It reached number three on the Dance/Electronic Charts. Like many other types of music, they hit peak popularity in the UK before becoming popular in the US. What is Dubstep? That answer may continue to change as more and more people experience and begin to appreciate this eclectic sound.