Distance – Collide


Distance is back with his third LP entitled “Dynamis”, out 21st October via Tectonic.

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  1. The comment section is like Geode – Portal all over again. Sometimes I
    don’t get people with their sense, dubstep is not meant be a complexity
    contest, not all dubstep should have a brillant and Au5-like sound desgin,
    simple technique can do the song as well. Anyway it’s gonna be a underated
    track yet again.

  2. Distance is to refined sound design what Nigella Lawson is to sexually
    provocative tart making.

  3. tuuuuune! do ukf subscribers not know how to rate properly these days? this
    dislike bar is insulting

  4. glad to see ukfdubstep slowly going back to its roots….good old days must
    come back 🙂 darker the better

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