Audeka – Oracle


Taken from Audeka’s Lost Souls LP, forthcoming on MethLab Recordings on 23rd September.
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  1. I must be listening to this wrong because everyone is so hype over it and i
    can name songs that’ll shit on this

  2. Always is perfect to listen something unique and different. This kind of
    tunes, save the genere

  3. That voice is so haunting. I feel like I’m in another world. It’s more than
    a song, it’s an experience.

  4. Audeka literally, one of the best producer out there to listen, specially
    with DnB, but this time with Dubstep! Woah Audeka is fucking killing it.
    Another artist to check also, Rawtekk.

  5. ’bout time Audeka got their stuff on UKF! I’ve been in love with their
    production since their Mirrormask remix, and this is no slouch either.

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