Skrillex – Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites (Live Cover By Pinn Panelle)


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Pinn Panelle is an American Alternative/Rocktronica band led by Derek Song (Guitar, vocals, production).
This is a non-profit performance demonstrating how to replicate an electronic artist’s music on live instruments. The song is “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” by Skrillex, his YouTube channel is:

There are no sequences, or backing tracks playing behind the band.
Special thanks to: Nathan Navarro (bass), Jonah Wei-Haas (keys), Justin Conway (Drums)

Filmed by Chris Dingman and Nate Barsanti
Recorded by Nate Barsanti
Video Produced and Mixed by Derek Song


  1. I would love to be educated on the effects on the bass. I would like to experiment with this

  2. Saw this when it first came out. Amazing you have 13m views! Nice job! I still don’t get why the drummer jacks off his cymbal at the end. Don’t think it made any difference musically…

  3. I know the comments on here are pretty old but can anybody tell me what midi controler that is on the guitar… I saw one of the videos had a comment with the midi but I can no longer find the posts… Thank you

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