Lia Kim & Tutat / Skrillex – Promises / Dubstep Dance


This place is famous fashion street Dong Dae Moon, South Korea.
Freestyle dance on dubstep music, performed by Lia Kim & Tutat.

Music /
Skrillex – Promises

Dancer /
Lia Kim, Tutat from RMC

Camera Operator /
Timon Youn


1MILLION Dance Studio:





  1. Damn I wish I could do this one day but it’s too late smh, I’m already 15
    with no professional dance training. I’d have to wait til college or senior
    year to take classes

  2. i know im late but why is everyone giving lia kim all the credit instead of
    giving credit to both like they did dancing that required one another dont
    just choose and pick i think both of them did a good job.

  3. I subbed to your channel I would really appreciate if you subbed to mine
    plz but it’s up to you I saw you in yubs live stream

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