Deadmau5 Vs. Skrillex (Dubstep Battle)


Hey guys! I have always wanted to make something like this so I did. Enjoy!

WARNING: I made this video with the thought of a DJ battle in mind! Please do not be offended or startled when any of your favorite Deadmau5 or Skrillex songs gets abruptly interrupted.
00:06 – Moar Ghosts and Whatever (Deadmau5)
02:28 – Right In (Skrillex)
03:51 – Some Chords (Deadmau5)
06:12 – Bangarang (Skrillex)
08:24 – Raise Your Weapon (Deadmau5)
11:54 – Summit (Skrillex)
15:06 – Right This Second (Deadmau5)
20:34 – Kyoto (Skrillex)


  1. Let’s clear some things up?

    *House*: Usually 128 bpm, with a four on the floor beat, which means there is a kick on every beat and often a snare and/or clap on the second and fourth beats.
    *Dubstep*: Around 140 bpm, with a kick on the first beat and a snare on the third. Brostep is the heavy, noisy subgenre of Dubstep that Skrillex is known for.
    In both genres, the rhythm may differ in some parts of a song but generally will stick to these beats.

    Moar Ghosts N Stuff: Progressive House/Electro House
    Some Chords: Progressive House
    Raise Your Weapon: Progressive House & Dubstep (changes midway)
    Right This Second: Progressive House

    Right In: Dubstep
    Bangarang: Moombahcore
    Summit: Dubstep
    Kyoto: Drumstep

    We good now?

  2. what is the first skrillex song on this vid is called I MUST know like if you like the first skrillex one

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