Skream – How Real Ft. Freckles


from Outside the Box 2010


  1. yeah im extremely lonely, so I have to get into arguments on youtube with
    random people for some sort of social interaction…..

  2. no, i didnt say that because you get into arguments on youtube, i said that
    because you say “u mad bro?” which translates to “i have no friends because
    no one would like me since im an unbearable doucebag, are you mad?”

  3. Yeah sure man i’ll let you assume that if you want. Honestly though, I do
    have better stuff to do than argue with someone who feels insulted over a
    comment from someone they don’t even know. Don’t be so sensitive man.

  4. “In there, in there
    Had to learn
    Just the value of a friend
    See how she will wait for me”

    Beautiful lyrics.

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