Skream – 2 D


Dubstep Music


  1. dude, everyone starts somewhere almost all producers have sampled and
    skream most definitely has produced enough originals to put this aside

  2. The whole rave culture is basically based on a 6 seconds sample of a song
    called amen brother, that sample is known as the amen break, which with
    samplers and twisting it you could make a jungle beat. so no, it’s how you
    use it

  3. I love Skream. His style is flawless. Amazing musician. But Datsik is a
    totally different artist. His style is gritty, and still masterful. Judging
    an artist because his style is not your personal preference, and not
    because of his ability to produce, is (in my opinion) unfair. Datisk is
    talented, and produces well rounded tracks, but Skream is a master. 

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