Rusko – Slow Nails


New track from rusko


  1. bass in this song kicks the shit outa pro nails!both are bitchin tracks tho…..bitches.for the first time in 20 years there is new music i like!”fuck all them haters,fuck all them hoes.rucka ali far pres yo!

  2. @lostintheshuffle wtf are you talking about moron? I said I like the original better, dipshit thats just my opinion, chill.

  3. @mrkoedudie you think i dont know whats happening in Dubstep ?
    i didnt say he isnt a great aritst but hes not true.
    he founded dubstep but hes commerce now sorry thats the truth.
    i prefer songs like custard chucker because this song has a good depp bassline.
    or artist like obsenity figure or bulldogs who are from my hometown berlin.
    and i do not want to provoke someone with my comments.

  4. Why has it taken my so long to discover this track? the way im kicking myself now! this track is seriouss!!

  5. this is a fucking gay. you doing all this gay shit to the song just makes it shity fuck dump ass

  6. @heidilee420 Why free? I’m sure it’s on iTunes for less than $2. Buy it. That’s how this guy affords time in the studio.

  7. @HappyPotMan Hey man, you say it’s bad music, sow…..what the fuc* are you doing here?
    Delete your account and get lose!!!
    You’re not my league, and you’re not the enemy!
    On Internet forums leaving behind a shit!!!
    Go and check if you still have a brain…I suppose you don’t!!!!

  8. @lCerealCinema haha your a pussy bitch get a life and staop talking about shit i put on like 4 months ago faaggggg

  9. is everyone on this song fucking retarded, this is not the original, the maker of the video put some retarded shit over the song. and it now sounds like shit.

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