Rusko & Reso – Lick The Lizard


Ripped from Mistajam’s show, there was no point in uploading the second drop as he talked all over it.


  1. Dubstep just reached an even higher point of “Holy fuck!” after hearing this song.

  2. big box, small box, ice cream cone, single doorbell, double doorbell, crystal ball, forward swim, feed the pigeons, spank the monkey, go to the hippo, grope the orangutan, feed the horse, and finally, lick the lizard

  3. Roses are shut the fuck up
    Violets are shut the fuck up
    Shut the fuck up
    Shut the fuck up.

  4. Big box-Y Small box-Z Crystal ball-A Forward swim-B Grope orangutang- DR Spank Monkey-HE go to hippo- OPT

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